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Animal Welfare
Plantation Carriage Company's Belgium Draft Horses would love to take you around Savannah
Take a tour in historic Savannah Georgia.

Everyone is concerned about the care of carriage horses during the heat and humidity of a Savannah summer. Please take a moment to read this about our system of care for the animals during these conditions.

Most of the carriage horses that work in Savannah have a long working history by the time they arrive here. Some have been Amish plow horses or Tennessee logging horses. Many of these animals have worked six days a week sun-up to sun-down, pulling heavy loads or plowing fields. These animals are treated much differently now.

Plantation Carriage Company owns 20 carriage horses that rotate through Savannah, Georgia to give visitors tours of the historic district. Having many animals is one way to lessen the individuals' load.

Horses typically will do 4-5 hours in an 8 hour shift and will work 4-5 shifts per week. Most of our horses will be in town for approximately 90 days before they rotate for a pasture rest where they get to frolic and be on vacation.

Here are some of the actions and precautions we take to care for our horses during the hottest months.

  • Supplements to promote and improve sweating are given to the horses; this is like Gatorade for horses
  • The horses are provided with 20-30 minute breaks between tours
  • Each horse is hosed off between tours to cool them down and help keep them cool
  • Each horse gets as much fresh cool water as they want to drink after each tour
  • Each horse has their core body temperature taken after every tour
  • When their temperature is slightly elevated the horse is taken out of service until it returns to normal
  • When horses temperature is elevated just 2 degrees above normal they are taken out of service for the rest of the day and returned to the barn
  • The horses have regularly scheduled days off

The result of these preventative measures equals happy well cared for horses who love their job and become part of your family as you work with and care for them everyday. To date, there have been no heat related injuries involving any carriage horses in Savannah. Experience, planning, love and diligent care have allowed thousands of people to enjoy a unique experience while protecting the horses that provide it.

Should you have any questions or concerns not addressed here feel free to stop by our Visitors Center office or call us at 912-659-9005

Parking Services in Savannah Georgia are responsible for the regulation of the carriage industry in Savannah GA. They can be reached at:

912-651-4235 or 912-651-6467.

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